Why We Fall Short of our Dreams and the Solutions to Stop that from Happening #2
Written by Kyle Kanter on May 4th 2018
How many of us have gone to sleep telling ourselves that not only is tomorrow another day, but tomorrow will be a different, better day? All of us have, including me.

Then how many of us have gone to sleep the following night, telling ourselves that the following day will be FOR SURE, REALLY better than the previous in which nothing changed in our lives?

Why are our lives always circular where we wish for something different, something better, but every day now and later on we’ve gained nothing, are disappointed and are unable to fix the situation?

It’s as if we were a hamster running on a wheel always in the same place despite his feet going 10,000 miles an hour. All that activity and nowhere. Or, like Charlie Brown with Lucy jerking away the football as he’s just about to kick a field goal.

Fact is, regardless of our level of education, we have never been shown or taught how to work toward being wildly successful in real life, not just in our dreams. How come day after day we face a disconnect, a Lucy?

The extent of my training was that everyone was comprised of three parts, three different tapes: Parent, Adult, Child. Each person’s behavioral makeup looked like different sizes of balls on a snowman. In addition, look-alike snowmen were attracted to each other and that’s how and why they made friends. Opposites attract never entered the discussion. Further, snowmen with a larger ‘Adult’ were the most successful.

I found myself floundering. Here I was an Adult snowman, rational/logical, not a should or I want type of person. Being told by behavioral science that I’d be stuck living in a Lucy-world forever.

It wasn’t until one day a man called Sam made me privy to a little-known secret as to who it was holding me back: It was me and me alone. My upbringing, my learning and my beliefs—I had to un-learn some of them; I had to change, grow into a different person because, clearly, I was getting nowhere doing what I was currently doing. I had to get off of the hamster wheel; I had to become the Charlie Brown holding the football with nary a Lucy in sight.

I began to write down what I had to accomplish every day, each week, every month all the way to where I wanted to be in one-year’s time. Little improvements led to bigger ones. Problems I dealt with by writing my thoughts about them on paper. After several minutes, I was able to crystalize the situation. I wasn’t on the fence anymore; I made a decision.

I ran across a personality test and took it. The results shocked me. I discovered I was a powerful person, the antithesis of the picture that I had allowed people in my past and in the present to project upon me. That was the impetus I needed to plan an assault on wealth and stick to it.

I took apart that snowman, made a decision to roll the ball myself and be the maker of my own future. Now you’d think that the ball would grow too big for me to handle. On the contrary. That ball is my life and it’s growing exponentially.

What used to be boring has become exciting. Days are filled with reminders and accomplishments. For those who read this blog will realize that they have the same tools as I. The only difference is at the beginning of this article, you were asking yourselves, Why can’t I?, instead of, With work and clarity of path, I can do this!

Kyle Kanter

Kyle Kanter helps professionals, primarily doctors and group practices, grow their businesses. Her expertise is to help them get more patients through media-usage both on- and offline. Her down-to-earth approach fosters clarity of problems and solutions for endemic issues within each practice.
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